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ALUMINUM CHLORIDE behaves as an acidic salt. Self-reactive. After long storage in closed containers, explosions often occur upon opening [Chem. Abst. 41:6723d 1947]. Can cause ethylene (also other alkenes) to polymerize violently [J. Inst. Pet. 33:254 1947]. Aluminium Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous MSDS SheetIngredient:Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous or Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous CAS No.:7746-70-0 Percent:97 - 100% Hazardous:Yes. 3. Hazards Identification. Emergency Overview DANGER! Highly Higroscopic. Causes burns on exposure by any route.

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Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous SDS GHS, MSDS Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous. 1. Product Identification. Synonyms:Aluminum trichloride; Trichloro aluminum CAS No.:7746-70-0 EINECS:EC Number:231-208-1 Molecular Weight:133.34 Chemical Formula:AlCl3 Recommended usage:Industrial Manufacturing. 2. Hazards Identification Aluminium or Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous SDS MSDS SheetAluminum Chloride Anhydrous SDS, Safety Data Sheet Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous MSDS Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet 30-Nov-20. 1. Product Identification. Product Name & Other Names:Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous or Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous or Aluminum trichloride or Trichloro aluminum. CAS No.:7746-70-0 EINECS:EC Number:231-208-1 Aluminum Chloride (anhydrous) Office of Environmental Overview. Anhydrous aluminum chloride (aluminum trichloride, AlCl 3) is an odorless, white or yellow crystalline solid that reacts violently with water to liberate hydrogen chloride (HCL) gas. AlCl 3 will also sublime readily at 178 Celsius to yield hydrogen chloride gas. The solid and gas byproduct are both highly corrosive to eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

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This material is considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). Section 3:Composition / Information on Ingredients Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous, (7446-70-0), 100% Section 4:First Aid Measures Always seek professional medical attention after first aid measures are provided. Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous SDS (Safety Data Sheet Mar 21, 2014 · Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous Flinn Scientific, Inc. P.O. Box 219, Batavia, IL 60510 (800) 452-1261 Chemtrec Emergency Phone Number:(800) 424-9377 Aluminum chloride anhydrous, powder, 99.999% trace Aluminum chloride anhydrous, powder, 99.999% trace metals basis; CAS Number:7446-70-0; EC Number:231-208-1; Synonyms:Aluminum(III) chloride,Trichloroaluminum,Aluminium trichloride; Linear Formula:AlCl3; find Sigma-Aldrich-563919 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich

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Safety Data Sheet Aluminum Chloride Trade Name:Aluminum chloride, anhydrous Chemical Formula:AlCl 3 Recommended Use:Scientific research and development surrounding material and type of fire. Spec. Fire Fighting Procedure:Use full-face, self MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - Industries AgricultureChemical Name Percentage Aluminum Chloride >99% OSHA HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS (29CFR 1910.1200) HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Acute effects:Eye effects:Material is irritating and corrosive to eyes. Skin effects:The material is irritating and corrosive to skin; may cause pain and second degree burns after a few minutes of contact if the skin is SIGMA-ALDRICH MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Printed:10/25/2006 Date Updated:01/31/2006 Version 1.7 Section 1 - Product and Company Information Product Name ALUMINUM CHLORIDE, ANHYDROUS, POWDER, 9& Product Number 563919 Brand ALDRICH Company Sigma-Aldrich Canada, Ltd Address 2149 Winston Park Drive Oakville ON L6H 6J8 CA

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Use:Aluminium Chloride, (AlCl3) is probably the most commonly used Lewis acid and also one of the most powerful. It finds application in the chemical industry as a catalyst for FriedelCrafts reactions, both acylations and alkylations.Material Safety Data Sheet Aluminum Chloride AnhydrousMaterial Safety Data Sheet Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification MSDS Name:Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous Catalog Number:C1361 Synonyms:Trichloroaluminum; Aluminum trichloride. Company Identification:Lab Alley LLC 22111 Highway 71 West, Suite 601 Spicewood, Texas 78669 For information, call:512-668-9918