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B2000 Polychem

Length:11.8" Width:5.9" Total Height:7.9" Weight:14.2 lbs. Battery:36V, 2.0 Ah, Lithium Ion; Maximum Tension:2000 lbs. Tensioning Speed:7 in/sec; Sealing:Friction-weld; Joint Strength:80% + of break strength of the parent strap; Strap Size:1", 1 1/4" Polyester (PET) Thickness:.031" - .055" Battery Charge Time:20-40 Minutes B800 PolychemLength:12.4" Width:5.5" Total Height:7.6" Weight:8.4 lbs. Battery:14.8V-3 A/H LI-PO; Max. Tension Force:850 lbs. Tensioning Speed:5.9 in/sec; Sealing:Friction-weld; Joint Strength:80% of Breaking; Strap Size:5/8" - 3/4" polypropylene or polyester; Thickness:.025" - .040" Battery and Charger included

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We supply Automobile Structure Steel Plate for you. polychem b400 steel plate length range Read More. seamless black steel rnd sqr pipes price Read More. SAPH310,S355MC,S600MC,SAPH370, B420CL,EStE285,TStE420,WStE500, QStE460N,B550L,Automobile Structure Steel Plate Supplier. Knife 24 with a forged blade of laminated Damascus steel Dec 05, 2019 · blade material:center Bohler B400 (carbon tool steel), plates U10 (carbon steel), 79NM (the magnetically soft precision alloy), SHKH15 (bearing structural steel), Nickel. Knife handle material:the stabilized Karelian birch Total knife length (mm):250 Polychem B400bat Strapping Tool SupplyDec 13, 2020 · B400 Uniquely designed to handle a wide range of applications. The B400 can pull up to 450 lbs. of tension. The B400 operates with both polyester and polypropylene plastic strapping, 3/8 5/8 wide,019 -.030 thick. Polychem can and bottle unitizers are the industry's most prevalent because of their outstanding performance and value.

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2.5 sec. per cycle, Strapping Tension:adjustable from 10 to 100 lbs Strapping tape width:1/4" 5/8" Work best with 3/8" or 1/2" strapping tape. Machine Dimensions:35"L x 23"D x 30"H, Dispense and seal strapping material quickly and repeatedly. Minimum carton size 3"WX1"H. Absolutely trouble free. Strapping Machines - Battery - Trout UndergroundPolychem B400 Tool Range:Accepts 3/8" 5/8" width strapping Accepts.020- 040 thick strapping Polychem B400 Tool Specifications:Tensions up to 450 lbs 7.9 lbs total weight with battery Features of the Polychem B400 Strapping Tool:Lightweight, only 7.9 lbs! TOOLS AND ACCESSORIESLength:11.8" Width:6" Total Height:6.9" Weight:11.2 lbs. Pressure Range:5.0 - 7 bar/70 - 99 psi Pressure Consumption:14L/s - 29 cu ft/min Max. Tension Force:1250 lbs. Tensioning Speed:9 m/min Strap Size:5/8", 3/4" polyester only Thickness:.040" - .055" SpecificationS Length:9.8" Width:5.5" Total Height:6.5" Weight:11.2 lbs.

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models range from on/off mechanically actuated switches to multi-pump displacer types. Available Suction Tailpipes Suction tailpipes can be provided for sump depths greater than the maximum pump length or where it is desirable to reduce the pump length. Mounting Plate Options Vapor Tight Vapor Proof Pressurized ESP3 Range ChartB400 PolychemLength:11.4" Width:5.5" Total Height:6.5" Weight:7.9 lbs. Battery:14.8V-2 A/H LI-PO; Max. Tension Force:450 lbs. Tensioning Speed:5.9 in/sec; Sealing:Friction-weld; Joint Strength:80% of Breaking; Strap Size:3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" polypropylene or polyester; Thickness:.019" - .030" Battery and Charger included