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Active LaNbO compounds for fast lithium-ion energy

Dec 17, 2019 · Pyrochlore LaNb 5 O 14 showed the highest discharge capacities of 175 mAh g 1 at the current density of 100 mA g 1, when used as cathode materials for fast lithium-ion energy storage. Perovskite LaNb 3 O 9 displayed the highest discharge capacities of 51 An active Li-Mn-O compound for high energy density Li time the synthesis, structural and electrochemical characterizations of a new non-lamellar oxide with the highest capacity observed ever before in the Li-Mn-O system. This new patented [3] material with the composition of Li4Mn2O5 shows a discharge capacity of 300 mAh/g.

Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

The spinel lithium titanium oxide, Li 4 Ti 5 O 12, 38 (Prod. No. 702277) is an alternative to carbon anodes, but its use is restricted to applications that do not require high energy density because of its high operating voltage (1.5 V vs. Li/Li +). It reversibly accommodates lithium to form the rock salt phase, Li High-Performance Li-Rich Layered Transition Metal Oxide Jan 17, 2019 · New stoichiometric Li-rich layered oxides (xLi 2 MnO 3 (1-x)LiMn 0.5 Ni 0.25 Co 0.25 O 2 or Li[Li y Mn 1-y-2z Ni z Co z]O 2) were proposed as high-energy density cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.The correlation between chemical composition of the materials and their structural as well as electrochemical performances is discussed. Li-ion battery materials:present and future - ScienceDirectJun 01, 2015 · The bulk material is a nickel-rich layered oxide (LiNi 0.8 Co 0.1 Mn 0.1 O 2) for higher energy/power density (higher Ni content allows for higher Li extraction without structure deterioration), while the outer layer is Mn and Co substituted NMC (LiNi

LixCoO2 (0<x<-1):A new cathode material for batteries of

Jun 01, 1980 · A new system Li x CoO 2 (0<x-1) has been prepared by electrochemical extraction of lithium from the parent LiCoO 2 ordered rock-salt structure. Mo3Nb14O44:A New Li+ Container for HighPerformance Jun 23, 2020 · Here, we exploit Mo 3 Nb 14 O 44 as a new niobium-based oxide anode compound for high-performance Li + storage. Mo 3 Nb 14 O 44 has two interesting features. First, besides the Nb-based redox couples, the Mo 6+ /Mo 5+ and Mo 5+ /Mo 4+ couples can also be active in Mo 3 Nb 14 O 44 , [ 11 ] benefiting its theoretical capacity (398 mAh g 1 Phosphate-stabilized Lithium intercalation compounds Jul 22, 2002 · The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information Phosphate-stabilized Lithium intercalation compounds (Journal Article) OSTI.GOV skip to main content

Synthesis, Electrochemistry, and Structural Studies of

Jun 24, 2005 · Unlike the microcrystalline Li 2 MnO 3, which is known to be electrochemically inactive for lithium intercalation or deintercalation, this nanocrystalline counterpart surprisingly yields a reversible intercalation capacity of 0.710.87 Li per formula or 163200 (mA h)/g and a specific energy density of 400450 (mW h)/g, at different A new active LiMnO compound for high energy 1 Supplementary Information A new active Li-Mn-O compound for high energy density Li-ion batteries M. Freirea,c, N.V. Kosovab, C. Jordyc, D. Chateignera, O.I. Lebedeva, A. Maignana and V. Pralonga* a Laboratoire de Cristallographie et Sciences des Matériaux CRISMAT, ENSICAEN, Université de Caen, CNRS, 6 Bd Maréchal Juin, F-14050 Caen, France.