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A theoretical and experimental study on forming limit

Dec 01, 2011 · The tube material was a QSTE340 steel. Additionally, for the tubes used for the forming limit experiments, circular grids with a diameter of 2.5 mm are electrochemically etched on the tube surface before the experiments. Advances and trends in plastic forming technologies for Abstract With the implementation of environmental protection, sustainable development and conservation-oriented policies, components and parts of thin-walled welded tubes have gained increasing application in the aircraft and automotive industries because of their advantages:easily achieving forming and manufacturing process at low cost and in a short time.

Advances and trends in plastic forming technologies for

Apr 01, 2016 · They found that the difference among the parent material, the HAZ and the fusion zone was apparent and determined that the weld seam width of 60 mm × 4.0 mm (d × t:d-tube outside diameter, t-wall thickness) and 78 mm × 2.7 mm QSTE340 HF ERW tubes were both 0.4 mm and the width of the HAZ of both tubes was 2.4 mm. Li et al. 13 used tensile tests and microhardness tests to Experimental and numerical studies on the prediction of Apr 11, 2012 · For a low carbon steel tube with small wall factor D/t and bending radius R, the over-thinning induced localized necking is one dominant failure in tube numerical control (NC) bending process, which strongly restricts the bendability limit of the tube. In addition, the deterioration of bendability of a tube is increased by the existence of the weak weld region. Flexible Mandrel Products & Suppliers Engineering360Supplier:McGee Industries, Inc. / McLube Division. Description:MAC-408 is a water based dispersion of PTFE particles intended for use as a mandrel lubricant for flexible EPDM, nylon, and polypropylene mandrels. This product represents a safe and economically attractive replacement for conventional solvent based mandrel lubricants. It.

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Global Marketing for Tube & Pipe TubeSolution 1) A fter an yhettre m bcess r olw igrk g, sre p d m st 20-N/mm2. 2. Other relevant standards DIN 2395 Part 2 Rectangular and square electric-welded precision steel tubes; technical conditions of delivery for general use. Global Marketing for Tube & Pipe TubeSolutionGlobal Marketing for Tube & Pipe TubeSolution QStE340 N 460 to 580 340 27 - - - 1) A fter an yhettre m bcess r olw igrk g, sre p d m st 20-N/mm2. 2. Other relevant standards DIN 2395 Part 2 Rectangular and square electric-welded precision steel tubes; Hydraulic Tubing Benders Products & Suppliers Description:Tubodyne offers a wide range of bending capabilities in tubing or pipe with outside diameter (OD) sizes from .125 through 4 , solid bar up to 1 diameter, and bending services for square and rectangular tubing.We work with aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, Additional Capabilities:Cut to Length, End Forming, End Flattening, Slotting & Notching, Piercing & Punching, Other

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Translate this pageAlapanyag segédlet. Lemezalkatrész gyártás megrendelése esetén fontos a megfelel alapanyag kiválasztása. Az anyagválasztás már a tervezési folyamatot is befolyásolja, bizonyos megmunkálások csak bizonyos anyagoknál mködnek jól. A leggyakrabban használt anyagok általában a hengerelt acélok. Megrendelink számára a Numerical and Experimental Study of Forming Limit The paper establishes the forming limit diagrams (FLDs) for QSTE340 seamed tube hydroforming and the mother sheet metal forming by numerical approach and experimental approach. A novel experimental approach is proposed to evaluate the formability for tube hydroforming under biaxial stretching through elliptical bulging.Then the Nakazima and three types of tube hydroforming tests are simulated QStE340TM automotive structural steel that Doesnincht Rust Steel and Stainless steel are both alloys, meaning they form when metallic elements, two or more, combine with each other to enhance or further develop its properties such as but not limited to reactivity, density, thermal, and QStE340TM automotive structural steel that Doesnincht Rust HSLA Steel Plate High Strength Low Alloy Kloeckner QStE340TM automotive structural steel that Doesnincht Rust A830 steel plate is medium-carbon, structural steel

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was the high-s trength steel Qste460 for the initial tube. The. elongation ra tio of the selected material wa s so high that the. maximum diam eter 60 mm could easily be chosen. Moreover, Automobile steelAutomobile steel Steel type Carried standard Steel grade Thickness scope Automobile steel QStE340 TM GB/T 3273-2005 S370LS420LS440LS510L Weld characteristics and NC bending formability of QSTE340 Aug 20, 2011 · The mechanical characteristics of the weld joint were investigated by tensile test, microstructure test, and microhardness test. The welded tube NC bending tests were carried out to evaluate the weld on the formability of the QSTE340 welded tube. The results show that the wall thinning degree, cross-sectional deformation and springback angle increase significantly as the weld line is QStE 340 TM Steel plate,QStE 340 TM Steel pipe - Steel QStE 340 TM EN 10149-2 QStE340TM steel plate / QStE340TM steel sheet, under EN standard, QStE340TM steel plate `s MATERIAL is 1.0974. we can regard QStE340TM steel plates/sheets are low-perlite steel grades offer excellent bending, flanging, cold-bordering and folding properties in both longitudinal and transverse direction.