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 · Translate this pagea:;;:; =;;:=>[email protected]@:=>=>=;;;;;:=::;:;;:; @a=;:;;? [email protected]>>; =?>?==;;:== ==>;===> >==:;;:;:;;>;:>==;;:==;;;:;:;:2 Multiscale structure characterization of sawdust-waste [11,13,18, 21, 26] The voltage of 420 kV and the electric current of 3.5 mA were used in this study. The detector is a linear array detector, therefore only one cross section is obtained with one NCBI Conserved Domain SearchThe seven TM regions assemble in such a way as to produce a docking pocket into which such molecules as cyclamate and lactisole have been found to bind and consequently confer the taste of sweetness. Pssm-ID:278433 Cd Length:154 Bit Score:165.77 E-value:1.22e-46

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at the #=gf cc tertiary level, the domain is composed of a superhelical #=gf cc arrangement of successive antiparallel pairs of helices [1]. #=gf sq 1624 #=gs k8ebj4_9chlo/327-493 ac k8ebj4.1 #=gs a0a670kd18_podmu/257-370 ac a0a670kd18.1 #=gs a0a072pnd4_9euro/335-525 ac a0a072pnd4.1 #=gs ncbp1_drowi/343-474 ac b4nc41.1 #=gs a0a1v8szy2_9pezi/350 Pfam:RdRP_1#=GF ID RdRP_1 #=GF AC PF00680.22 #=GF DE Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase #=GF AU Bateman A;0000-0002-6982-4660 #=GF AU Chuguransky S;0000-0002-0520-0736 #=GF SE Pfam-B_32 (release 2.1) #=GF GA 23.90 23.90; #=GF TC 23.90 23.90; #=GF NC 23.80 23.80; #=GF BM hmmbuild HMM.ann SEED.ann #=GF SM hmmsearch -Z 57096847 -E 1000 --cpu 4 HMM pfamseq #=GF TP University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignA¦ AVò$B ÂBBÈB ðA¦ A ÂBB 8 4à¨ABðAðA0BðAðAVò$BHBðAHBHBHBHBHBC @CCCC ÈBúC È È ]fnkhhkqtgIHd_|oGQ7.4GZ_][email protected] :@A>[email protected]


The EAL domain is a good candidate for a diguanylate phosphodiesterase function. The domain contains many conserved acidic residues that could participate in metal binding and might form the phosphodiesterase active site. Pssm-ID:376350 [Multi-domain] Cd Length:236 Bit Score:260.72 E sec.gov0001178913-13-003424.txt :20131127 0001178913-13-003424.hdr.sgml :20131127 20131127060427 ACCESSION NUMBER:0001178913-13-003424 CONFORMED SUBMISSION TYPE:6-K High-strength steels for cold-forming, thermomechanically qste 420 tm hr420la hslas-f gr. 60 [410]/060 xlk psq 42 c s460mc 1.0982 qste 460 tm hr460la - psq 46 d s500mc 1.0984