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The smallest fluorescent tube is the T2 and it has a length of between 250mm and 760mm. The next longest tube is the T4, with a total length of anywhere between 150mm and 1,500mm. This is followed by the T5, with a length of between 340mm and 1,800mm. The length of the T8 tube may be anywhere from 600mm up to 2,400mm. Fluorescent Tubes RS ComponentsFluorescent tubes, also referred to as fluorescent strip lights or tube lights, are a type of light bulb or lamp. They use fluorescence (emission of light by a light-absorbing substance or other electromagnetic radiation) to produce visible light. Fluorescent tube lights require a ballast to operate.

Fluorescent Tubes RS Components

RS Components supply online lighting supplies and accessories from leading brands, with everything you need to install a custom set up, such as fittings, terminals, wiring tools and cabling. Whether you need industrial workshop lighting to maximize productivity, or outside fluorescent lights for security purposes, all requirements are considered. LED Tube Lights RS ComponentsLED Tube Lights. LEDs are small, often unnoticeable lights found in almost all modern appliances, signs and entertainment devices to provide a high powered, bright lighting solution with minimal space or power requirements. These LEDs are made up of three different component groups:the electrical components, the optical components and the Light Bulbs, Lamps & Tubes RS ComponentsLEDs and LED tube lights - LEDs offer instant-on, efficient lighting. LEDs and LED tubes are well-paired with spaces requiring long-term or permanent lighting, such as foyers, parking garages and production premises and are an efficient companion to motion sensors. Metal halide bulbs - provide similar luminosity to fluorescent and incandescent

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HK$21.713. Each (In a Pack of 25) Real time qty checker. Compare. Philips Lighting 18 W T8 Fluorescent Tube, 1300 lm, 600mm, G13. Wattage 18 W. Fluorescent Tubes RS ComponentsTo learn more about fluorescent lights, please see our fluorescent tubes guide. At RS Components, we have fluorescent tube lights in straight and circular variations that are available in a range of lengths, diameters and colour tones. Our curated range features products from industry-leading brands including Osram, GE, Sylvania and our own RS PRO.