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I don't think it matters what follows the "Send To VRU" node. If it aborts there, it doesn't activate the other two types of nodes that result in a VXML exchange between Call Server and Voice Gateway - the Run External Script node and the Queue to Skill Group (or Agent) node. Let's go through the steps to understand the possibilities. 1. Expected Wait Time in ICM Script - Cisco CommunitySubject:RE:Expected Wait Time in ICM Script Replied by:Brenda McAleenan on 12-09-2013 07:32:00 AM Hi All I've made a couple of amendments to this to allow consideration of available agents (without having to use another IF node). If agents are available we'll

Fortran code aborts beyond 108 nodes - Intel Community

The code then aborts after some data is written. The machine has Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 8 core processors at 2.6GhZ, Linux OS. The intel compiler version is intel-cluster-studio-2013. We use Intel mpi The mpi fortran compiler is mpiifort. In our pbs script we use mpirun -np 4096 ./exename > outpur.txt. Some of the errors are listed Get / Send ICM data in a CVP Script Cisco DevNet It causes ICM to run an ICM script based on the CallData DNIS of the VXML Server app. ICM can access the PV values passed in by VXML Server to determine what it should do. ICM can also then modify the PV values and must end with a Label node (it could be a dynamic label). IBM® Datacap Version 9.1.5, Interim Fix 001 Readme fileChrome fails to open any page with scripts in Script Adapters when used against ICM 5.3.1 or against ICM 5.3.3 when having DatacapWebPlugin configured. IO26777:185177:Datacap Desktop:Selecting large number of images for deleting in Datacap Desktop Scan panel results in unresponsiveness and exceptions . IO26781:185348:Datacap Navigator

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How to add a Run VRU Script node. Step 1 Within Script Editor, place the Run VRU Script object in the workspace and open the Properties dialog box. Note This dialog box lists all Network VRU scripts you have configured in the Configuration Manager. Step 2 Select the ICM Script/VRU Script Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Guide[STATEMENT] [END 2013/10/28 23:47:16] Waiting for ICM to go down. If you do not want to wait for in-progress concurrent requests to finish normally, you can terminate the internal concurrent manager by executing the adcmctl.sh abort command from a different shell. Script Editor Overview - Step 1 Double-click the Script Editor icon in ICM software Admin Workstation group. The Script Editor window opens. Step 2 In Script Editor, choose File > New from the menu bar or click the New Script button on the main toolbar. The Create a New Script dialog box appears. There are two types of scripts:

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Full Configuration script:wakeup:alias:"Wake Up" icon:"mdi:party-popper" description:"Turns on the bedroom lights and then the living room lights after a delay" variables:turn_on_entity:group.living_room fields:minutes:name:Minutes description:"The amount of time to wait before turning on the living room lights" selector:number:min:0 max:60 step:1 unit_of_measurement:minutes UCCE Solution Service Creation - bintangperkasaScript using ICM Script Editor Run External Script node. Micro-Applications (Get Speech) 1. GS - Get speech SalesService - Media File name 2. The Configuration Param field is left empty Get Speech Wait Time:Duration to search for an available agent in each dimension.Scripting and Media Routing Guide for Cisco Unified ICM The Unified ICM only looks for available agents for that call when the VRU script is finished and the call executes an interruptible node such as a Wait node or a Run External Script node for a VRU script that is interruptible. The call does, however, maintain its place in the queue so when the call does become available for an agent, it is