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Automatic Fan with PIR Sensor and LM35 Sensor - Arduino

May 15, 2019 · In here the PIR sensor as an on / off device with input detects human or human movement. 2. LM35 sensor as a fan switch with indoor temperature input, when the room temperature is getting higher then the speed of the fan is also getting higher, and vice versa. 3. We also use the IRF530N transistor because the supply voltage is 12 Volts. YouTube. Automatic Room Light ON circuit using PIR Motion Sensor Jan 31, 2018 · Automatic Wash Room Light controller using PIR Motion sensor and motion sensor Alarm Circuit using PIR Sensor. In This Circuit PIR (Passive infrared ) Sensor Is used which is used as motion Detector. When Any Person, Animal Or Any Object Comes In The Range of the sensor. then Automatic Light Switched on.

Automatic Room Lights using Arduino and PIR Sensor

  • OverviewCircuit Diagram of Automatic Room Lights Using ArduinoComponents Required For Automatic Room Lights Using ArduinoComponent DescriptionCircuit DesignWorking of The ProjectApplicationsSolar LED Motion Sensor Light with Automatic On/Off - 4pk Automatic sensor switch:Turn on at night when people come close, and automatically off in the morning.The sensing range is 10 feet with a 120 degree sensing angle. Light energy conversion rate:Light energy into electrical's conversion rate up to 17% IP64 Weterproof:The solar light can use in raing, it is waterproof and can fit most of weather. Dark Sensor ( Light Sensor / Automatic Street Light ) :4
      Automatic Room Lighting System using Microcontroller
      • Components RequiredCircuit DescriptionComponent DescriptionWorking of The ProjectApplicationsAutomatic Room Lights Controller Using Arduino & PIR SensorDec 23, 2019 · Automatic Lighting and Control System for Classroom in which electrical light is controlled by Bluetooth, PIR sensor and relay. To switch ON or OFF the light Bluetooth module is connected to Arduino Uno which sends voice command from Arduino Uno by using the mobile android application. The experimental results have shown the 50% energy is conserved. Light Sensors at LowesLet Lutrons Maestro Vacancy Sensor switch automatically turn lights off for you. Its a simple, easy, and low cost way to save energy and add light automation to your home. Simply turn lights on when you enter a room, and the Maestro Vacancy Sensor will automatically turn lights off when room is vacant.

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